Fourty six

years skiing in Port del Comte… and still counting

Fourty six

years skiing in Port del Comte… and still counting

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We’re the team in ski school Escola d’Esquí Port del Comte. Two dozens of snow crazy people, loving skiing, snowboarding, and looking forward to showing you and your family all we know about winter sports.


But… why do we say we’re crazy about snow?

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Fourty six years of snow passion in Port del Comte

Year 1973. While in the coldest days of novembre, when the mushrooms pile up down the pines, and the orange leafs crunch while walking, some sporty people meet in Solsona. They’re sporters, hikers, lovers of nature. And a bit crazy.

They know that the Solsona zone is about to change its history and economy forever. There’s a plan to open a ski resort that same winter. It will be in Port del Comte, and it looks like it can be a huge opportunity for them. Work in a magnificent environment, on what they love and teaching the sport they’ve fallen in love: ski.

From that autumn meeting the Escola d’Esquí Port del Comte is born. They will start its history in Christmas 1973, the same day that Port del Comte open its lifts for the first time.

Since then, lots of snowfalls have happened.


The actual managing team in Escola d’Esquí Port del Comte has been there since 1983.

Since then, new generations have been taking over us, sharing their passion for skiing and snowboarding with all the students that visit us.

Youth and passion make a perfect combo ideal to perform crazy ideas and excursions in Port del Comte.

In Escola d’Esquí Port del Comte:

We ski even in less snowy winters. Esquiem fins i tot en anys de poca neu.

We ski even when huge snowstorms make it impossible to open the resort.

We ski even when winter comes to an end and we have to look for other latitudes to ski…

If you want to be like us…

If you want to get “infected” by our passion

If you want your children to learn, have fun and fall in love with snow…

In Escola d’Esquí Port del Comte we’re waiting for you!

professionals d’esquí


We are ski and snowboard professionals

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