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Learning is easier when it's fun

More than one school one experience

We have 45 years of experience thanks to our passion for skiing

Enjoy your classes safely thanks to our following the established and updated covid protocols.

Escola d’Esquí

Enjoy snow safely even if it’s your first time

Does winter start and are you thinking of skiing or sliding down the snowboard? We too!



Your children don’t know how to do the snowplough, and every time you try to teach them, they want fries, they’re cold, thirsty, want to pee or want to watch Peppa Pig.


You’ve never used a pair of skis or a board and don’t even know where to begin with. You want to learn, but also avoid thousands of hours just falling and getting back on track.


Your loved one doesn’t know how to ski yet and you want them to learn without rushing into a fight.


It’s been years since you started skiing, but you want to go from “Yes, I can ski” to “I’m a skiing pro”.

Escola d’Esquí

If any of these situations sound like you, you’re in THE place to be. Because we are ski instructors, but we’ve also struggled with all of this.

We too (some of us) have children.


We too have (or tried to) teach our husbands and wifes.

We too had a first time skiing or snowboarding.

And we too took a (super hard) perfectioning training to get where we are now.

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If you want to avoid aaaaaall the struggle in between, our classes are for you.

How can we help you?



Are you wishing your children are so fast you can’t chase them skiing or snowboarding?



Do you want to learn skiing, boarding, perfectioning your technique or get your couple to learn  skiing without getting a divorce?



Are you a sports teacher, school principal and you want to have your students learn winter sports in Port del Comte?


If you want your children to learn ski and be with other children, collective courses are for you. Different days, several hours and guaranteed fun.

Why us?


We know you like to speak to people and not to computers. That’s why we offer you a personalized service, and we assess every possibility with you, such as levels and groups you can or cannot make.

We want you to have the exact class you need.

You want a ski instructor you already know? Or someone that you’ve been recommended? Just talk to us! We’ll do our best!

You would like to take ski classes with all your family, but don’t know if it’s ok to be all together in one class? We’ll assess your possibilities.

Personalized service


But what if we tell you that these 45 years working outside in the cold winter, but also in the sunny spring, sweating, bearing snowstorms, rain, wind and everything in between have not at all disencouraged us? That we keep counting the days till the winter arrives again?

This is who we are, and the rest of the team that are part of Escola d’Esquí Port del Comte feel exactly the same: love of snow and passion for sport.



We could tell you we’re a school with more than 40 years of history, and it would be true.

We could tell you we love Port del Comte (and mountain in general) and it would also be true.

And we could tell you we were already skiing when the skiis were two metres long, and it would also be true.


And you? If you want to learn to ski or snowboard and you want us to share with you our passion, just book your classes now!